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Heimish All Clean Mini Kit

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A set of miniature cleansing products (2 facial cleansers, a make-up remover balm, a mask) Heimish All Clean Mini Kit comes in a stylish transparent cosmetic bag.

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The Heimish All Clean Mini Kit 5 is ideal for travel. The set includes:

All Clean White Clay Foam deep cleansing foam with white clay (30 ml) — removes all types of impurities and make-up residues, regulates the production of skin sebum and eliminates its excess. It gives the skin a neat look, mattifies and helps to narrow the pores.

All Clean Green Foam mildly acidic foam cleanser (30 ml) has a neutral pH of 5.5 and does not damage the lipid layer. Gently cleanses the skin of impurities and make-up residues, deeply cleanses pores, prevents the formation of comedones, regulates sebum and prepares the skin for applying care products.

All Clean Balm Blister cleansing balm for removing make-up (5 ml) — quickly and effectively dissolves makeup of any durability, deeply cleanses pores and eliminates sebaceous plugs, helps to reduce the number of blackheads. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Black Tea Mask Pack black tea face mask (5 ml) - quickly relieves puffiness and evens out skin tone. It soothes inflammation and relieves redness, gives the skin a fresh and rested appearance, pleasantly cools and tones. Promotes deep hydration and saturates the skin with vitamins.

Bulgarian Rose Satin Cream nourishing cream with AHA acids and rose (3 * 1 ml) - intensively nourishes the skin, softens and eliminates dryness and flaking. Lightens unwanted pigmentation, evens out skin tone and relief, fills it with a healthy glow.

The set also includes a transparent cosmetic bag, in which it is convenient to store funds and take them on the road.

Suitable for all skin types

The use of Heimish All Clean Mini Kit cleansers allows you to:

  • deeply and atraumatically cleanse and narrow pores / remove dead particles of the epidermis;
  • mattify, even out the tone/microrelief of the face;
  • fight pigmentation, post-acne, wrinkles and other cosmetic imperfections;
  • moisturize, nourish, soften, restore, refresh the skin, prepare it for subsequent care.
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the effect
Even tone
AHA acids
Purified water
All types
Any age
Appointment vs.
Acne, post-acne
Black spots

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