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List of products by brand TOSOWOONG

The Tosowoong brand was founded in South Korea in 2004 and began producing cosmetics for the care of sensitive, problematic and stressed skin. In the production of its cosmetics, the brand uses the results of research and tests of the Institute of Dermatology.

Tosowoong brand specialists do everything possible to ensure that customers are one hundred percent satisfied. The history of cosmetics development by the brand began in 2004 with the use of Asian badger fat in products. And now the brand prefers natural ingredients.

Since its foundation, Tosowoong has adhered to the principle of "rigorous research and quality control is the key to efficiency." The brand's products are safe and suitable for all skin types, as well as for sensitive skin. Tosowoong's priority is customer satisfaction. Continuous research, product safety and clinical control testing, product quality improvement - all this allows you to create those products that will transform your skin and give you comfort and joy!

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