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List of products by brand WellDerma

Wellderma is a cosmetic brand from South Korea. As the name implies, the brand is focused on supporting the condition of the skin, its healing and improving its appearance. Wellderma products are characterized by medicinal properties.

Wellderma products are characterized by medicinal properties. They do not mask skin defects and skin diseases. On the contrary, the products heal the skin and are famous for their long-term effect. In addition to cosmetics, the brand is famous for effective accessories. For example, Wellderma skin massagers have already become bestsellers in the beauty market.

In addition to massagers, the popularity for Wellderma began after the release of collagen treatment masks. In addition, in a series of masks, special attention was paid to masks with tea tree and olive. In the production of the brand there are topical creams and toners. Manufacturers advise to select care comprehensively. Means work more efficiently if you pick them from the same line.

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