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List of products by brand MediFlower

The main direction of care is the fight against age-related changes and their prevention. Only high quality ingredients are used, sourced from ecologically clean areas. The methods of processing ingredients are the most gentle, for maximum preservation of useful properties. Naturalness and hypoallergenicity are the principles that are strictly adhered to in the development of formulas and production.

Medi Flower is a famous cosmetics company in Korea that specializes in skin care products, masks, moisturizers, anti-aging face and body products, based on its own cutting-edge research on the use of natural ingredients and their most effective combinations to maintain beauty and youth. person.

Korean professional cosmetics Medi Flower, thanks to the division into different series, can suit all skin types - for oily skin, for combination skin, for dry skin and for normal skin.

The following components are used in Medi Flower Korean cosmetics: hyaluronic acid, panthenol, vitamin C. Inexpensive Korean Medi Flower face cream with peptides will perfectly moisturize, brighten and rejuvenate the skin, and the eye cream will refresh the look, fill fine wrinkles, and get rid of dark circles and swelling.

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