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List of products by brand Beauty of Joseon

It is a brand that has reimagined the unshakable beauty, wisdom and tradition of women in a modern style and created modern cosmetics. The brand's products are made from Hanbang (traditional Korean herbal medicine) ingredients and other beneficial extracts that work in synergy.

Beauty of Joseon Korean cosmetics is the result of a harmonious unity of the traditions of the ancient aristocratic Joseon dynasty, the age-old wisdom of traditional Korean medicine Hangbang and modern innovations.

The best, most expensive adornment of a woman is her awakened natural beauty, skin glowing with health.

The wise women of Joseon knew the value of their beauty and used many recipes based on a combination of the most effective natural gifts: ginseng, orchids, radishes, rice, pumpkins and many others. This helped them to maintain health and attractiveness for many years, as if stopping time.

The philosophy of the brand celebrates natural beauty and health, maximum naturalness, which enchants more than the most expensive jewelry. Beauty of Joseon - cosmetics, which are made according to the recipe described in "Kyuhap Cheongseo" - the book of wisdom of the ancient Korean family Joseon. Modern extraction technologies have made it possible to enhance the effect of natural ingredients to achieve a better effect.

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