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List of products by brand Petitfee & Koelf

Korean cosmetics Petitfee & Koelf high quality and guarantee visible results. The company has its own innovative developments, and occupies a leading position among the manufacturers of hydrogel masks in Korea. Petitfee & Koelf sold in 13 countries around the world, and the geography of sales is constantly expanding.

Perhaps the most famous products among all Korean cosmetics are special hydrogel-based eye patches. They are pads that lie on the cheekbones and the area around the eyes. No smearing is required, as is the case with masks. You take out a ready-made eye patch from a special package, use it and no longer worry about washing off or about the composition being absorbed.

The composition of the patches may include extracts of ginseng and green tea, collagen, gold, pearls and other substances that help nourish the skin and saturate it not only with moisture and vitamins, but also with trace elements that are usually inaccessible.

The Korean company Petitfee & Koelf produces hydrogel masks and patches for problem areas (lower eyelid and nasolabial folds).

The work of the manufacturer is highly specialized, which indicates the maximum effectiveness of care products. All the power of the brand is aimed at taking care of particularly problematic areas of the face, returning women to youth, a fresh look of the eyes.

Petitfee & Koelf eye Petitfee & Koelf friendly, made from natural materials, and dissolve on their own after disposal. As an impregnation, an essence is used, the basis of which consists of natural ingredients.

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