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List of products by brand Lion

Lion Korea (Lion Correa) was created by the merger of two giant companies - the South Korean CJ Corporation and the Japanese Lion Corporation in December 2004. The company values and cares about the everyday life of consumers. At first, the company was called CJ LION, but since November 2017, it has been renamed LION KOREA.

The company pays great attention to solving environmental issues and calls itself "pioneers of environmental impact." Providing a healthy and comfortable life for customers is a priority for LION KOREA, so the company supports society in recycling resources and does its best to develop environmentally friendly products.

LION KOREA manufactures household and daily products, over-the-counter drugs and functional foods. That is, these are household chemicals, toothpastes and brushes, baby care products, as well as shampoos, shower gels, toilet soaps and other products that improve our lives every day.

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