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List of products by brand Lador

Lador is a specialized hair care brand established in 2007. Company slogan - Bring a miracle to your hair! Can be arbitrarily translated as "Doing a miracle with your hair." La'dor is a combination of Leaf and Adorable.

Korean cosmetics Lador contains phosphate-free cosmetic products that do not contain mineral oils, surfactants, synthetic dyes, parabens, heavy chemical compounds and petroleum products. Due to this, Lador cosmetics provide a gentle, gentle cleansing of the scalp, curls, saturate the cells with vitamins, minerals, restore the natural beauty, strength, and shine of weakened strands.

Cosmetics are actively used by girls, women, not only at home. Many beauty salons use professional cosmetic products of the Korean beauty concern to restore the natural beauty, strength, shine of hair after dyeing, frequent use of modeling devices (hair dryers, irons, curling irons, stylers).

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