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List of products by brand Too Cool For School

The brand, which came to us from South Korea, glorifies the very essence of creativity, and at its core is the embodiment of the ideas of contemporary art. The advantage of cosmetics, which dictate a completely new approach to care and make-up, is marked not only by the highest quality, but also by a unique design that, without any doubt, will lead to aesthetic pleasure.

Too Cool for School is a brand from South Korea, which is based on creative ideas for creating cosmetics. When developing products, the company uses completely new approaches to skin care and creating original makeup. The main feature of the presented brand is the release of exclusively high-quality care products.

The concept of a brand from Korea is that a cosmetic product should be unusual and harmonious in general. So, picking up a jar of cosmetics, a woman should be pleasantly surprised. Cosmetics are designed for women who are not afraid to be real personalities and stand out from the rest.

To date, the company has released 13 different lines of cosmetics. Korean brand Too Cool for School offers a decent range of skin care products, hair and body products, as well as makeup removers.

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