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List of products by brand The Saem

THE Saem is a Korean cosmetics brand that focuses on the sustainable way of manufacturing its products, using only natural, recyclable ingredients. The history of the brand dates back to the end of the 20th century, when the beauty industry holding Hankook Cosmetics began to cooperate with leading European companies.

Saem is the source of wisdom and beauty. That is the motto of the company. Before entering the shelves, all products are tested in the laboratory, and are created from natural ingredients. In the composition you can find various extracts of different berries, fruits and flowers, plants and even snail mucin (which produces a strong anti-aging effect). This brand is ideal for gentle skin care.

In addition, the brand's products have a pleasant appearance, easily fit on the skin and have a bewitching smell, so they will be a great decoration for your cosmetic bag.

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