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List of products by brand Neogen

The Neogen positions itself as a unique cosmetics, which has no analogues in the world. A wide scientific base, own developments and clinical trials of a line of care products are the merit of the concern, although this is not all. The manufacturer promises that all of its products are hypoallergenic and do not injure the skin, while not reducing the effectiveness of the active ingredients. When developing cosmetics, emphasis is placed on the use of natural ingredients.

Neogen is a brand that does not just mask skin imperfections, but eliminates them with the help of nature's resources. Creativity can also be seen in non-standard formulas, methods of application and, of course, designs. The brand belongs to one of the leading concerns in South Korea, Outinco Futures.

All brand products are made from high-quality raw materials of natural origin: plant extracts, herbal extracts, oils, hyaluronic acid and much more. This approach allows you to make the product gentle and effective at the same time.

The company uses its own innovative solutions to achieve excellent results. 6 formulas patented by the manufacturer were created using biotechnology and are now used to create Neogen cosmetics. The greentox technology processes certain components, after which they acquire the ability to remove toxins from the cells of our body.

Each Neogen goes through a series of clinical trials before it hits the shelves of cosmetic stores. Also, the manufacturer refused mineral oil, parabens and other hazardous substances.

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