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List of products by brand Nacific

Nacific is a brand whose name is made up of the words natural and pacific. The company uses organic ingredients from flora and ocean products. Nacific that cosmetics must be natural, otherwise they only harm the skin. The brand offers everything you need for complete skin care.

Manufacturers Nacific believe that skin care products should be only natural. That is why organic ingredients are used in the manufacture of their cosmetics. At the same time, Nacific keeps up with modern technologies, so cosmetics are created according to the latest scientific developments in the field of dermatology and cosmetology.

The special charm of Nacific cosmetics is in its fragrances. The products have simply incredible smells of flowers and plants. They are very pleasant to apply on the skin, creating a light, pleasant plume for at least a few hours. Nacific products have notes of rose, marigold and cypress. And most of the funds have a calming effect. A pleasant, light smell of herbs or flowers in the products gives a relaxing effect, eliminates irritation. And they are simply pleasant to use after a hard day at work. In the compositions of most products, you can see panthenol - a powerful soothing and disinfecting agent.

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