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Mediheal is a Korean cosmetics manufacturer that is best known for its face masks. The specificity of the brand is the use of only dermatologically tested ingredients combined with an innovative scientific approach.

Mediheal is a Korean cosmeceutical brand established in 2008. The first product of the brand was sheet masks, which were soon replenished with hair products and facial cleansing foams. A few months after the creation, the company supplied goods to China and Japan. Already a year after entering the market, 1.6 million sheet masks were sold.

In 2010, sunscreen lotions for adults and children and BB cream appeared. But face masks remained a staple of the brand—at the end of 2011, Mediheal sold 10 million packs through 12,000 outlets. They still hold the leading position in sales. The company has certificates of quality and safety. The motto of the brand is "Always watch and preen." This means that the manufacturer is always aware of the needs of its customers, cosmetics make users like themselves in the mirror.

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Mediheal Theraffin Hand Mask

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Paraffin mask-gloves for hands with ceramides Mediheal Theraffin Hand Mask - softens and moisturizes the skin, nourishes it with useful components, makes it soft. Increases firmness and elasticity, prevents the appearance of hardened areas and calluses. Helps to lighten pigmentation.

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