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List of products by brand Medi-Peel

The high-quality Medi-peel brand was created by an association of professionals in aesthetic cosmetology and dermatology specialists, who have been dynamically developing skincare formulations for more than 10 years, always guided by the latest world technologies and achievements in the field of chemistry and medicine. Medi-peel products are ISO9001 and 14001 certified. The company is constantly working to improve the quality of its products and carefully monitors customer feedback.

The Medi-peel brand was founded in 2010 and produced products exclusively for professional, salon use. But by 2013, it became so popular in Korea that it went to the masses and appeared in all major online stores in the country.

In 2014, Medi Peel received ISO9001 and 14001 international certificates and expanded beyond the South Korean market by opening mono-brand stores in 37 countries around the world. With its own research institute and beauty academy, which trains new beauty experts, Medi-peel is helping to achieve incredible heights in the fight for skin health and beauty.

Innovative developments of modern medicine and pharmacology, combined with natural ingredients, present in the formulations of Medi Peel anti-aging cosmetics, will help get rid of diseases (rosacea, acne, acne, etc.), rejuvenate, heal and revitalize tired skin.

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Renewing cream with a complex of acids Medi - Peel AHA BHA 28 Days Hyal Cream
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Renewing cream with a complex of acids Medi -...

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Renewing cream with a complex of acids Medi - Peel AHA BHA 28 Days Hyal Cream - smoothes the relief, evens out tone, reduces acne marks, fine wrinkles and pigmentation, starts the processes of skin regeneration and renewal. The tool tightens and improves elasticity and elasticity, does not irritate and does not overdry.

Medi - Peel Cell Toxing Dermajours Cream
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Medi - Peel Cell Toxing Dermajours Cream

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Rejuvenating face cream Medi - Peel Cell Toxing Dermajours Cream - has a lifting effect, actively fights the signs of skin aging, smoothes and reduces the depth of wrinkles. Supports the health of the epidermis. Increases immunity and skin tone, saturates with energy and restores tone and healthy radiance.

Лифтинг-крем для век с пептидным комплексом...

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Medi-Peel Peptide Bor Tox Eye Cream is an eye cream with a peptide complex that effectively smooths crow's feet and expression lines around the eyes, tightens and moisturizes. The product provides a noticeable botox-like effect, increases the elasticity of the delicate eye skin, and prevents skin folding, fighting dryness and tightness, nourishing and stimulating collagen fiber synthesis, gently brightening dark circles, and refreshing the look.

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