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Huxley is the official partner of South Korean Airlines. Since the air in airplanes is very dry, and flight attendants are forced to make long flights every day, they need quite a lot of moisture. The main ingredient in Huxley cosmetics is prickly pear extract. This is a cactus that grows in the Sahara Desert. To get at least 1 liter of healing oil, you need to crush about 1 million hand-selected seeds, which makes this component truly precious.

Korean cosmetics Huxley designed in a minimalist style. Beautiful, elegant tubes and bottles please with a beautiful appearance. The fragrance, which was created specifically for the brand of the Swiss company Luzi, attracts with its marine freshness, floral fragrance and blossoming green leaves.

The main goal of Huxley cosmetics is to combat dry skin. And they do not fight in an easy way. This is confirmed by the slogan "Great things never come from comfort zones" - leaving your comfort zone. For the preparation of each mask, cream, gel or essence, manufacturers use prickly pear seed oil, the seeds of which are carefully selected by hand.

Certified prickly pear oil and extract have a positive effect on the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it. The effectiveness of the funds has been proven not only by user reviews and great demand in the global market.

Products are based on a natural basis, but may contain organic components. Each ingredient is tested and tested for effectiveness.

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