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List of products by brand Dr.Jart+

Dr.Jart+ , a manufacturer of premium cosmetics, has managed to combine the incompatible in its products: a scientifically rigorous approach with art, traditions and culture. After all, in an ideal product everything should be harmonious!

The founder of the manufacturing company, Doctor of Medical Sciences Song Jae-jong, succinctly named the new brand by the initial letters of his own dermatological clinic - Doctor Jhon, adding the word "art".

15 professional dermatologists are working on the creation and improvement of the formulas. Together with the ingredients, cutting-edge achievements in the field of beauty are “invested” in the products. In addition, each component and stage of production undergoes strict quality control. As a result, not only private buyers, but also well-known medical centers are eagerly following the novelties.

All lines of this manufacturer deservedly enjoy attention. This is a guaranteed effective solution with fast and long-term results.

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