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List of products by brand Banila Co

The Korean brand Banila Co was founded in 2005 during the revolutionary growth years of the Korean cosmetics market. In a short time, it has already become widely known outside of South Korea. The name of the brand is inspired by the name of the most delicious and loved by girls vanilla, which is associated with a tropical spice that is so often used in sweet pastries and cocktails.

The concept of the brand reflects a luxurious, resplendent and flamboyant style. The style in which make-up and skincare sets the brand apart from the competition makes it stand out from the rest. The strict and bright, refined and alluring design of the brand's products attracts the eye of an inexperienced buyer. And the motto of the brand is “Live bright and stylish!” shows what the product looks like.

They create on-trend skincare suitable for all skin types, textures and concerns.

They are leaders in K-beauty and continually set beauty trends with cutting-edge formulas that are easy to use and cosmetics designed to take a synergistic approach to all skincare routines.

If anyone is not familiar with the range of the brand, then the hit of the Banila Co brand is its cleansing sherbet balms, the sophistication and tenderness with which they remove makeup and cleanse the skin cannot be compared with any product. A remedy that has won the hearts of many girls from all over the world. The product has repeatedly received awards as the best product of the year, the best-selling make-up cleanser, not only in South Korea, but also in many other countries. And this is not in vain, because this product was released for the first time as a sherbet balm, the texture of which, like a delicate butter, removes makeup (even waterproof), cleanses pores and at the same time does not irritate the skin of the face and does not leave any pollution, the nourishing balm renews the skin, giving it shine and elasticity.

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