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About Us

KIOKO is more than an online store of Korean and Japanese cosmetics.

We know that every day our clients have to do a lot for others - take care of family, relatives, friends, solve everyday issues, earn money and much more. We want everyone to think about themselves and take care of themselves at least 10 minutes a day! for this, a whole set of tools can help you - a face mask, eye patches, cream, serum and much more, which we very carefully select in our assortment.

Our products

We strive to present only products that we like and work for ourselves and are recognized by our customers.

Therefore, some of the products we have appear once, and some are already so fond of customers that we supply them with each delivery. By the way, all our deliveries are from South Korea, and all products are 100% original.

Write reviews on purchased products, it will help us and customers a lot!

Your purchases

We do our best to make shopping in our online store for you the same source of pleasure as using a new cosmetic product!

It is important that the selection and delivery is easy and fast, and that receiving a new product is pleasant! Therefore, with us you can always:

  • to get a consultation
  • convenient and fast ordering
  • see all possible ways and types of delivery
  • get gifts or nice bonuses >
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